Sid M. Dueñas

Sid M. Dueñas was born in Saipan 1973, and moved with his family to Los Angeles at the age of 4. He lives and works in Los Angeles and makes regular trips to Saipan for research. Dueñas’ artistic output disperses recurring themes within his areas of interest (i.e. corporeality and experience as topography, “peaks”, absorption as agency, diaspora of the Pacific Islands) into forms (processes and mediums) that mirror or defract the fallibility and effectiveness of language. This dispersion results in often coded works that take a role in ongoing conversations about art and how it relates to the experience of artists identifying with postcolonial realities and issues of sovereignty. Other areas of interest include vacillations between placement, relation and constructs of re-collection.

Discrete works such as sculptural objects and drawings are durations, each delineated by poles of initiation and completion. Durations are serial and porous events that consist of the accretion of irruptive and dispersive action. The chronology of durations are fluid in that, they may collapse, fold, or stack on a temporal plane. More specifically, durations or discrete works are generated recursively and may be intersected at any point within their morphology to create, according to poet Nathaniel Mackey, an interruption that creates an opportunity for the generation of new work. While a work may be distinct, a connective thread to an origin, however distant, is indexed by spatial positioning, sequence, memory and conversation.