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Everything is Medicine

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

All Beta Main programs are free.
114 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013


Join us for an interactive workshop that pulls from indigenous practices. Artists and educators Olivia Chumacero and Sarita Doughterty will lead participants through exercises in breath, sound, meditation and plant-work to stimulate a connection with the self, the planet, and the beings we cohabitate with.

This workshop is open to all and is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Rigo 23: Ripples Become Waves. The exhibition will be open during the program. All Beta Main exhibitions and programs are FREE.



Olivia Chumacero
I’m walking through sage-filled paths and obsidian-cut winds. My life’s energies have taken me to the four corners of our home planet. My muses feed me a diet sustained in awe and gratitude. I’m open to dialogue and actions that hold human beings responsible for the state of our mother Earth. Respect, reciprocity and responsibility is the blood memory coursing through me, a two-legged being, member of the human tribe. Olivia Chumacero is the founder of Everything is Medicine.


Sarita Dougherty generates habitat with plants, systems and cultural ephemera coexisting there. She paints them on-site and teaches relationship-making with others through cosmology-mapping, song, and meditations. She is a 3rd year DIY PhD candidate with the Postnational Department of Transcultural Youth, researching Pachamama Consciousness as a pathway towards decolonization in Aesthetics, Ecology and Education. Sarita currently lives and works on a mountain with her partner and baby in Yangna (Los Angeles).