Letter from the Director | August

Hello friends,

I’m writing to you from the train down the coast, where Sam, Monica, Alex, and I will meet with our generous colleagues at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego as we prepare for a big change at our young institution… we’re going bilingual! Beginning this fall, our exhibition materials on the walls and in print will be in two languages, Spanish and English. We're also working on translating our online offerings including our website, social media, and emails like these. And in September, we'll kick things off with the first in a series of regular bilingual programs.

MCASD has been implementing bilingual materials for a while now and we have a lot to learn. But here’s what we do know—almost 40% of Los Angeles residents speak Spanish at home and we want all Angelenos to feel welcome here. In the future, we hope to bring additional languages into our offerings too. We’re kicking off the announcement with our first bilingual program on September 20.

And in other news…

  • Did you hear? We’re opening 5 studio spaces for L.A. artists in January! We’re accepting applications now through October 2 for our artist in residence program.
  • Also coming early 2018 — we are unveiling an additional 2,700 square feet of gallery space on the mezzanine level, bringing our total current space to nearly 11,000 square feet. Up next? The basement.
  • Our exhibitions of work by Star Montana and Alice Könitz wrap up on September 24 and after that we will be closed for construction and Office Hours meetings.
  • Speaking of…Office Hours (my favorite!) is BACK! If you’re an L.A. artist, sign up for a first come, first served studio visit with me here in the space.

Thank you for making The Main with us. Hope to see you here soon!

Allison Agsten, Director