April Letter from the Director

In the last year and a half, some of the most meaningful revelations I’ve had about the making of The Main have come through discussions with artists, visitors, colleagues, friends, and others whose work might seem tangential to what we do here. Marcos Lutyens, an artist from whom Beta Main has commissioned a new work, is someone who has informed my understanding of what the museum can be.

Marcos has been working with Richard Cytowic, a neuroscientist and renowned expert in synesthesia, to develop an artwork in the form of a minute-long survey. This work will help us understand our endeavor, and you play a central role in this effort.

I hope you take a moment to complete this survey quite unlike any other you’ve ever taken (this much I can assure you). You’ll be activating a new work and also helping us expand our ideas about what The Main can be. If you’re so inclined, you can try a second, quite different kind of survey that takes about 40 seconds following the first survey.

Allison Agsten
Director, The Main Museum

P.S. In the spirit of experimentation, we are leaving the survey results available for viewing. The story embedded within the results might be best told through physical objects, or perhaps they will take the shape of a performance or a talk. We will let the data shape the outcome, just like how the work of Beta Main will inform our larger project, The Main Museum, in ways that we can’t always imagine.