Letter from the Director | May 2018


Dear Friends,

I am writing to share exciting news with you—starting next month, The Main and ArtCenter are entering into an agreement to develop an operational and programmatic partnership. We will continue our regular organizing here (exhibition news coming soon!) as we spend the remainder of the year working alongside the college to test ideas and give shape to what we both hope will be a long-term alliance. We are not yet sure what form a collaboration may take but we are fortunate to have the time and space to imagine with such thoughtful colleagues. I am equally looking forward to our shared investigation of what an innovative and compelling museum and university partnership might look like and to getting to know the team and the students better. Simply connecting with the smart and inventive folks at ArtCenter—the faculty, staff, and students—has already made this a worthwhile journey. You can read our full announcement here

Thank you always for your love and support in the continued evolution of The Main. We hope you are ready for more because the best is yet to come!


Allison Agsten, Director